Month: November 2019

Otolaryngologic Procedures

Suggested Content Emergent Management of Posterior Epistaxis Anterior Epistaxis Management Ear Canal Foreign Body Removal Using Cyanoacrylate Ear Laceration Repair Ear Foreign Body—Cockroach Emergency Nasal Foreign Body Removal Technique Nasal Foreign Body Removal—Katz Extractor Mandibular Dislocation Reduction Reduction of Spontaneous Mandiblular Dislocation with Masseteric Massage Procedure Videos Suggestions

Splinting Techniques

Suggested Content Posterior Lower Leg Splint with Stirrup Posterior Lower Leg Split (No Stirrup) Using Plaster Sugar Tong Splint Thumb Spica Splint Ulnar Gutter Splint Mallet Finger—Examination and Splinting Technique Procedure Videos powerpoint The thumb spica splint is indicated in radially-based hand and wrist injuries. [pdf-embedder url=”” title=”EMRA Sports Medicine Splinting Guide”] pdf Suggestions

Musculoskeletal Procedures

Suggested Content Field Amputation Extensor Tendon Repair Boxer’s Fracture Salter Harris II Radius Fracture Reduction Hip Dislocation Reduction Scapular Manipulation Zero Position Technique Shoulder Dislocation Reduction Reduction of Luxatio Erecta Intraarticular Lidocaine Injections Finger Dislocation Reduction and Metacarpal Block Ankle Dislocation Reduction Posterior Elbow Dislocation Elbow Reduction Nursemaids Elbow Reduction Patella Dislocation Reduction Procedure Videos …

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