NYPEM US CoM January

NYPEM Ultrasound CASE OF THE MONTH – January Pt is a young female presenting with nausea and vomiting presenting with abdominal pain and distention…Based on the pelvic view below, what’s your diagnosis? https://videos.files.wordpress.com/TzITn1lp/molar_hd.mp4 Molar pregnancy Click Here for the Answer Submitted by Siri Chamarti, Columbia US Fellow JOIN CUIMC’s WEEKLY SONO CONFERENCE, THURSDAYS @ 2pm ! …

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NYPEM US CoM December

NYPEM Ultrasound CASE OF THE MONTH – December 10 yr old male 7 days s/p appendectomy presents with abdominal pain and bloating.Based on the abdominal views below, what’s your diagnosis? https://videos.files.wordpress.com/nEnMLdXd/img_6732-1_hd.mp4https://videos.files.wordpress.com/J5Iype3x/img_6731-3_hd.mp4 Intra-peritoneal abscess MINIMAL IMAGE CRITERIA: Abscess stills of 2 orthogonal planes and measure abscess in each plane apply color flow to abscesses to identify …

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