Block Schedules


IM residents

D+   = 9am- 830pm, out by 9pm
N+   = 6pm- 5:30am, out by 6am 
D#  = 7:30am- 7pm, out by 7:30pm
N#  = 7:30pm- 7am, out by 7:30am  
D+d = urgent care 9am- 8:30pm, out by 9pm M+ = 12pm- 11:30pm, out by 12am  

MSK, Anesth & Psych rotators 

D= 7:30am- 7:30pm   
N= 7:30pm- 7:30am
M= 12pm- 12am  
U= 8am- 7:30pm, area D, urgent care

OMFS rotator 

U= 8am- 7:30pm
U10= Urgent care 10am- 9:30pm

Note that the second letter is location…  a= area A, c= area C 


M/ Th/ Fri, starts at 8:00 am in EM Resident room M-107.
D and U shift residents must attend, excluding D+ shifts starting at 9am.
Tues 8am simulation location changes, speak to senior residents.

Wednesday Conference

IM noon conference

8am- noon, attend if working D or U and are not an IM resident.
Alternates between Cornell and Columbia, see for location.
To Columbia, take shuttle from 70th/York – departs at 7:10am
IM residents do not attend Weds EM conference and instead go straight to work at 9am in the ED.  

D+a IM resident attends IM noon conference Mon+Tues (90min), Weds+Fri (60min) and Thurs (90min if an intern).
Area C IM residents do not go to conference.  Unlike area A, an additional ED attending does not come into C at 12pm.


Contact: Dr. Jamie Lee at
Schedule requests must be submitted at  8+ weeks prior to start of block


Call EM chief phone (917-410-1056)
Do not just email or text – we need to work promptly to resolve the staffing gap
If IM resident, contact IM chiefs for sick call activation
If MSK, anesthesia or psychiatry resident, must also notify their own chiefs of absence, cc’ing