Class of 2026

Name: Joe Babinski 

Home: Huntington, New York 

Undergrad: Stony Brook University 

Major: Ecology and Evolution 

Medical School: New York University 

Hobbies and Interests: Med-ed, hockey, science fiction, traveling, my dog (Alfie), happy hour, lounging by the pool 

Name: Gabriela Galli 

Hometown: Central Islip, NY 

Undergrad: University of Pittsburgh 

Major: Emergency Medicine 

Medical School: University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine 

Other: Former paramedic 

Hobbies: I enjoy reading, hiking, rock climbing, trying new foods, and travelling. 

Interests: Healthcare Disparities, EMS, Research 


Name: Gregory (Greg) Han 

Hometown: Cheshire, CT 

Undergrad: Amherst College 

Major: Biochemistry & Biophysics 

Medical School: Weill Cornell Medical College 

Hobbies and Interests: Swimming, competitive gaming, chess, and fantasy/sci-fi novels 

Name: Ryan Hodgson 

Hometown: Richmond, VA 
Undergrad: Washington & Lee University 

Major: Sociology & Anthropology 

Medical School: George Washington University  

Hobbies & Interests: newspaper crosswords, any outdoor adventure, street festivals, sunrise pancakes, live music, yard sales 

Hometown – Merrick, NY 

Undergrad – Cornell University 

Major – Biological sciences/Microbiology 

Medical school – New York Medical College 

Hobbies/ Interests: Before medical school I interned as a winemaker in California and was a 6th grade math and science teacher in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn! I have a twin and an older sister who I love to spend time with. During my free time I love hiking, camping, fermenting/brewing things, and repurposing old furniture! I’m no foodie and am thrilled with a piece of NY pizza and lots of chocolate – I’ve yet to find a single soul who likes sweets more than me. 

Name: Kevin James 

Home: Fort Lauderdale, FL 

Undergrad: Yale University  

Major: Biomedical Engineering  

Medical School: UCLA/CDU 

Hobbies and Interests: I enjoy hiking, swimming, reading, and traveling. I love impromptu adventures especially if they involve food. Music festivals and small concerts are always a good time. 

Name: Amanda Molinelli 

Hometown: Greenwich, Connecticut 

Undergrad: Brown University 

Undergrad Major: Neuroscience major 

Medical school: New York Medical College 

Hobbies/Interests: Baking, running, escape rooms, traveling, exploring new restaurants, binging tv shows, all things fall related/ Halloween, reading. 

Name: Victoria Maria Pereira 

Hometown: Union, New Jersey 

Undergrad: University of Pennsylvania 

Major: English (concentration in 18th and 19th century literature) and Biology 

Medical School: Rutgers New Jersey Medical School 

Interests: Health Equity and Community Empowerment; EMS; Medical Education 

Hobbies: Harassing the DJ to play Bad Bunny, watching every hit TV show available on my parents’ cable, relocating to tropical beaches for maximum lounge potential, stuffing my face with the best [affordable] food and drink NY has to offer, hanging out with my awesome family, burrowing into my blankets with the next great read. 

Name: Amylisa Phillips 

Hometown: Roslyn, NY 

Undergrad: Cornell University 

Major: Communications and Biological Sciences 

Medical School: SUNY Upstate Medical University 

Hobbies and Interest: Traveling, finger painting with my daughter, singing, sad and beautiful Disney movies, fun food adventures 

Name: Rachel Rosengard 

Hometown: Queens, NY 

Undergrad: Wesleyan (neuroscience) 

Grad school: McGill University (neuroscience) 

Medical School: Weill Cornell 

Hobbies & Interests: Dancing, HORROR FILMS, documentary, art installations, experiential activities 

Name: Carolyn Stewart 

Hometown: Halfmoon, NY 

Undergrad: Princeton 

Major: Molecular Biology 

Medical School: Weill Cornell Medical College 

Hobbies and Interests: Running, hiking, dance, wine, reading, and watching Survivor 

Name: Tyler Wen 

Hometown: Flint, MI & Chengdu, China 

Undergrad: Vassar College 

Major: Biochemistry 

Medical School: Columbia University 

Hobbies and Interests: Finding the most “worth it” restaurants in NYC, DJ’ing, collecting credit card points, cooking $$$ dishes on a $ budget, borrowing other peoples’ dogs to use in my own profile pictures (shout out to Ooni the Samoyed), reading science fiction anthologies 

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