Concur NYP Reimbursement

  1. The process for submitting a reimbursement via the Concur iOS app can be found here: NYP Reimbursement Process. It is a similar process if you were to do it online via a computer.

  2. BEFORE submitting your requests in Concur, a corresponding NYP Employee Business Expense Report will need to be submitted by the program coordinator. Please complete your employee information plus Sections III and IV. Note that this sheet does not need to be uploaded to Concur. Attach the supporting paperwork below when submitting this Expense form to the program coordinators:
  1. **This is an extra step not included in the Android/iPhone job aids** In return for step #1, you will get the (infamous) approval form that Munira signs off on.  The approval needs to be uploaded to Concur like a regular receipt/expense, except the Reimbursement type is ‘Miscellaneous’ and the Amount should be ‘0’. Indicate ‘approval form’ on the Comments section in Concur.
  1. When creating your request in Concur, remember that receipt(s) equals an ‘Expense’ and all receipts/expenses are then combined to make up your ‘Expense Report’.
      • This doesn’t mean receipts will need to be uploaded individually. Group your receipts according to expense type when taping them to the 8.5×11 and upload that sheet according to their reimbursement type (taxi, course fees, etc.).
      • If you do create an Expense entry with multiple receipts, please make sure that the Amount field has the combined total of receipts that you upload for that entry.
  1. Before submitting in Concur, make sure that: your Approval Form is attached + the Expense Report amount is equal to the amount indicated on the approval form.

**The online Concur process must always go hand in hand with the paper process. We don’t recommend letting your receipts pile up – be sure to submit all requests within 60 days of the receipt date as required by NYP.

Important Forms

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