Current Faculty Projects

Faculty mentors, areas of interest, and possible projects list (as of 9/8/2022): DOCUMENT

Core Research WCM Faculty (click on faculty name for link to publication list)

Adult Emergency Medicine:

  1. Michael Chary — Toxicology / Artificial Intelligence: drug discovery and syndromic surveillance
  2. Brock Daniels — Implementation Science / Population-based quality improvement: particularly through informatics-based interventions such as Telehealth, Remote Patient Monitoring and electronic health record based algorithms
  3. Peter Greenwald — Telemedicine: both educational and clinical features with potential to expand capacity in professional training
  4. Lynn Jiang Operations and transitions of care:  improving patient care coordination and outcomes post-ED discharge; Global Health
  5. Clark Owyang — Critical Care: ECMO in the ED and ICU, resuscitative transesophageal echocardiography, and the physiology of heart-lung interactions in critically ill patients
  6. Junaid Razzak — Global Health: working with Aga Khan University in Pakistan to establish the Center of Excellence in Trauma and Emergencies
  7. Anthony Rosen — Geriatrics: improving identification, intervention, and prevention of elder abuse in the ED and other health care settings
  8. Radhika Sundararajan — Global Health: improve engagement with healthcare services in global, low-resource settings, with particular focus on improving HIV-related clinical outcomes in sub-Saharan Africa
  9. Felipe Teran  Critical Care: cardiac arrest, with a special interest and expertise in the application of point-of-care echocardiography during cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)

Pediatric Emergency Medicine:

  1. Michael Alfonzo — Pediatric Emergency Care; Global Health
  2. Deborah Levine — Pediatric Emergency Care; Biomarkers/bioindicators

CUMC Faculty

Adult Emergency Medicine:

  1. Tsion Firew
  2. Ed H. Suh
  3. Dana L. Sacco
  4. Marc A. Probst
  5. Bernard P. Chang
  6. Ellen D. Sano
  7. Eugene Y. Kim
  8. Katharina Schultebraucks
  9. Di Coneybeare

Pediatric Emergency Medicine:

  1.  Lauren S. Chernick
  2. Daniel S. Tsze
  3. R. Colin Carter
  4. Maria Y. Kwok
  5. Ashley M. Blanchard
  6. Son H. McLaren
  7. Peter S. Dayan
  8. Tamar R. Lubell

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