NYP Medhub Residency Elective Form

The new residency elective form is in MedHub by way of an on-the-fly evaluation. The form is more comprehensive but eliminates having to complete the 2 GME forms on top of our residency form.

To complete the request form, please see instructions below –

  1. Log in to nyp.medhub.com, go to the Evaluations tab.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page > click ‘Initiate Evaluation of Program‘ > ‘EM Elective Application Form’ > ‘Submit’ (you’ll need to click Submit to bring up the empty form).
  3. Complete the form in its entirety and submit.
  4. In addition, please submit all elective requests directly to Munira and Dr. Curato.  You can still upload to MedHub, however hard copies must be sent to Munira and Dr. Curato via email.

Once the request is approved by the residency we will email you a PDF version of the form which you are required to forward to your faculty mentor for them to review and sign off on. In addition, your mentor is required to submit their approval in MedHub. To initiate this, please see below –  

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the MedHub Evaluations tab and click ‘Request Performance Evaluation’.
  2. Select ‘Preceptor Approval form (resident electives)’ and your faculty mentor. Click Submit. **If your faculty mentor is not listed or is from an outside institution, please email Munira or the mentor’s full name and email address.

To receive credit for your elective, your preceptor must complete an end of rotation evaluation in MedHub that confirms all goals and objectives of the elective have been met. The evaluation must be submitted within 2 weeks of completing your elective. To generate the evaluation, please see below:

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the MedHub Evaluations tab and click ‘Request Performance Evaluation’.
  2.  Select ‘Preceptor Evaluation of EM Resident on Elective’ and your faculty mentor. Click Submit.

Note: While we encourage outside electives, please be aware that the process for all electives outside of the NYPH institution regardless of elective type requires GME approval and will take considerable time to get processed. As such, failure to meet the submission deadlines below means foregoing your “away” elective and being scheduled to work in our EDs instead.

Submission deadlines (non-negotiable):

  • Non-NYP electives – all types (sites: within New York, out-of-state, or international) — 4 blocks prior to your elective block (first day of 4 blocks prior, which is 112 days prior to start of your elective)
  • NYP electives – all types (sites: Cornell, Columbia, or Allen campuses): — 2 blocks prior to your elective block (first day of 2 blocks prior, which is 56 days prior to the start of your elective)