NYP Residency Elective Form

Here is the link to the new residency elective form

Submission deadlines (non-negotiable):
Home (i.e. NYP) electives: 60 days prior to start date
Away (i.e. non-NYP) electives: 120 days prior to start date
-Failure to adhere to these deadlines: expect your elective to be scheduled as an EM block. 

Notes from Dr. Curato. 

  • Craft thoughtful learning objectives with your faculty preceptor so as to maximize your chances of approval.
  • All electives now include a learning objective related to culturally responsive medicine, which is clearly described on the form.
  • We will push your evaluation to your preceptor after your elective, so you don’t need to worry about that; your only job is to show up, learn, meet your learning objectives, and have fun!
  • At this moment, NYP still prohibits “away” rotations.  This is out of the hands of residency leadership.  If you have a compelling case for an exception we will be glad to submit the formal request to GME for you.  Their deadline for that is 120 days prior to proposed elective (and you should definitely have a back-up “home” elective in mind.)