Medical Clearance and Transfer to CPEP

Hi all, please see below regarding medical clearance and transfer of patient to CPEP. 
NO changes in the process.

The workflow is as follows:

1)  When patient is medically cleared,  communicate via secure chat with CPEP Attending. Endorse patient.  Don’t forget to note who you endorse to on the note. 

2)   Within the ED provider note, add a “Smart Text” (different from a Smart Phrase) called “ED Medical Clearance Note IP NYC”. You can search in the box below for “med clear”.

3)     Fill out the note by F2’ing through below. Do not delete the aqua blue box as this will prevent the icon from appearing.

4)     Sign note and you’ll see this C in the Med Clear column:

4) CPEP Attending to put in an Order for Transfer to CPEP, for RNs to complete.