How to Broadcast Notifications

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Care Team Sign In” instructions before using the app:
  1. When you first login to Epic, in the “Care Team Sign In,” make sure you select BOTH a TEAM and a ROLE. Directions for how to do this every shift can be found here
  2. As long as you are logged into a TEAM, you will be able to receive broadcasts (notifications) for that team. 
  3. Make sure you login into either Haiku (providers) or Rover (nurses and all other staff).
Navigating the NYP PhoneBook app in order to send a broadcast (notification):
  1. If it is not already downloaded on your phone, go to Apps@Work, find “NYP PhoneBook” and download
  2. Open the app
  3. Select “Broadcast” at the bottom in the center
  4. Select Columbia University Medical Center as the campus
  5. Click “Okay” on the alert that will pop up
  6. Click on the Alert you would like to send. 
    1. NOTE that we only have 4 for each team of the 5 teams: Stroke, STEMI, DART and Notification. This was in order to consolidate on this app and may change in the future. When you click on any of them, you can free text the bed and the reason (i.e. Select “ED Blue-Area B Team Notification” -> Type in “B9 Sepsis” in the text box)
  7. Type in the message you would like to send (if needed) and hit send
    1. NOTE that the text box is called “Signature,” but it is simply a text box. You do not have to sign your name here. 
  8. You will then receive the alert in Haiku or Rover as long as you followed the “Care Team Sign In” instructions above.