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Initial Sign-In for ED Providers: Entering Shift, Contact Information and Role

 When all inpatient providers arrive at work for their inpatient shifts and log in to Hyperspace, the Sign-In screen opens automatically. 

 In the Sign-In activity, providers can enter their contact information and specify their shift length in the upper left-hand corner of the screen. Choosing a shift end time is important as it will automatically allow for provider sign out of assigned patients 2 hours after shift end time designation. By designating shift end time, this also prevents another Sign-In screen from appearing at the next inpatient login to Epic. 

In the Sign-In activity upper right corner of the screen, the Role Box contains the generic roles you have for your specialty. A default role is selected for you based on what you signed in as for your previous shift. This role should seldom change. It is here where 1st Call and 2nd Call provider designations occur. Please see “1st & 2nd Call Provider Assignment” below for more information. Press the to search a list of roles to choose from. Note this is different than your Contact Role, which will serve as your role that will change on a day-to-day basis. Please see “Sign in to Contact Roles” below for more information. Service can also be designated here. 

Initial Sign-In for ED Providers: Entering Shift, Contact Information and Role

To designate yourself as the 1st or 2nd call for your patients, use the Role box within the Sign-In activity.1st and 2nd call and Consulting roles exist for Nurse Practitioners, Residents, and Physician Assistant providers. Every patient requires one 1st Call Provider, who will be the main contact individual for that patient when assigned. 

Step 1. Sign into ED Teams

In the Sign-In activity below your contact information, you are prompted to select a Provider Team within the ED. Each area of the ED has a different team, used for large group texting within Epic’s Secure Chat functionality and mobile messaging applications Haiku and Rover. To sign into these roles a provider will search their team name in the “Add Teams” section of the Sign-In activity. In the example below, the provider has chosen to sign into the “CUIMC ED Blue (Area B) Team” as their ED Team. 

Each ED Team name starts with an appropriate hospital abbreviation and contains the Area and color of the ED team. Please see appropriate team names below. 

Step 2. Sign-In to Contact Roles

In addition to signing into an ED Teams, providers will also sign into their Contact Role. A Contact Role is an individual’s designated role that day on a team. For example: “CUIMC ED Blue (Area B) Resident (Contact)” or “MSCH Peds ED Charge Nurse (Contact)”. These roles designate an individual as serving a specific function on a team, allowing others to contact this designated individual quickly in Secure Chat without necessarily knowing the individual’s name. These roles are meant to change shift-to-shift to fit the different/changing roles of individuals on a team. To sign into these roles a provider will search their Contact Role information in the “Add Teams” section of the Sign-In activity. 

Each Contact Role starts with an appropriate hospital abbreviation and ends with the designation “(Contact)”. 

In the example above, the Provider signs into both their ED Team as well as their Contact Role. 

To complete the Sign-In process, click the Sign In button in the right-hand corner of the screen. 

Note: One individual can sign-in to multiple Contact Roles and ED Teams. Ideally, only one individual though should be assigned to each Contact Role at a time. 

Step 3. ED Track Board Patient Sign-In

To be able to assign oneself to patients on the ED Track Board in Epic, providers will need to assign themselves through a smaller Sign-In screen after Team & Contact Role Sign-In.

To assign yourself to a patient on the ED Track Board, select the “Sign-in” button on the ED Track Board menu bar. 


A new screen will appear. Work through the prompts and assign yourself as an ED Provider & your appropriate current role. An example for Resident – 1st Call is noted above. 

An attending provider will instead check off the “Attending Provider” box as the “Current Role” as noted above. 

Designating your role here is important – it will allow your name to populate the correct column on the ED track board during patient assignment. 

To assign yourself to all new patients in the future, right click on a patient’s name and select “Assign Me.” 

NOTE: The Step 3. Sign In process detailed here will be incorporated in Steps 1 & 2 above in future Epic developments. 

Sign-Out of Provider Teams, Contact Roles and Patient Assignments

When your shift ends, the system signs you out automatically based on your shift end times and removes you from the patients’ treatment teams. 

If you need to sign out prior to your shift end time, click the Sign Out button located on the menu of the ED Track Board screen header. This helps other clinicians know that you are unavailable within Secure Chat and that you are no longer working with any patients you were assigned to. 

Altering Shifts, Contact Roles and Provider Teams

If an individual has already signed in and would like to change ED Teams/ Contact Roles, manually select the Sign-In button located on the menu of the ED Track Board screen header. The “Sign In” screen appears. Follow the instructions above to alter the information.