October 19, 2020

FROM DR. SEAN HICKEY: EMRA Crit Care Committee

The EMRA Critical Care Committee will be hosting a webinar on “The Future of EM-CCM” for ACEP2020 with a group of distinguished panelists: Brendan Carr, Susan Wilcox, Nick Johnson, Sara Crager, and John Greenwood.  These physicians are leading figures in the world of EM-CCM and will be able to provide a fascinating view of what the world of EM-CCM has to offer, and what to expect in the future.  This will be an open discussion amongst the panelists with opportunities for questions and audience participation.  I hope to see you all at the event.

EVENT: EMRA CritCare Committee: Future of Critical Care Medicine and EMRA CritCare Reunion
DAY: Tuesday, Oct. 20
TIME: 7 pm EST

Zoom Meeting Link

Meeting ID: 875 6596 3614
Passcode: 754073


From Dr. Penny Lema: NY ACEP Advocacy and Leadership Awards

The NY ACEP Advocacy and Leadership Awards due date is coming up Nov 15. 

Our very own Diksha Mishra was a recipient last year (although it was a virtual event).  


Any questions can be directed to Dr. Penny Lema (pcl2124@cumc.columbia.edu) or Dr. Kaushal Shah (kas3002@med.cornell.edu() 

From Dr. Duncan Grossman: “The COVID Project”

A group of fellow NYC residents and I are putting together a city-wide project that I hope you’ll be interested in.

It’s called, “The COVID Project.” It is going to be a compilation of creative pieces from emergency medicine residents all around the city that reflect on our time as EM residents during the COVID surge.

These may take the form of journal entries, short stories, poems, essays, photos, drawings, or any other creative pieces that you would be comfortable creating for this project. Whatever your artistic medium may be, feel free to submit it. (Probably can’t take interpretive dance at this time… Apologies.)

You may focus on a particular patient, a moment on the subway, home life, family life. Your stories may be insightful, or funny, or benign, or (of course) tragic. Whatever moves you.

We’re not sure what final form this will take – Maimo did a similar project before that became a small book for our its residents but who knows, we can dream a bit bigger, perhaps.

Please email your piece (along with your name, PGY, and program) to covidprojectnyc@gmail.com. We’d be happy to share your piece anonymously, just leave some contact info so we can reach out to you if needed.

We’ll be accepting submissions until December 1st.

Thank you. Please keep up the amazing work. Be happy, be safe.

From Dr. Mark Curato: Post-Residency Career Plans

Thanks to those who have completed the career survey; we’re at about 50% completion, so good start!
We are part of a group studying factors influencing EM resident career choices. We’re working with some other big programs (UCLA, Davis, UW, Iowa, Rush, Michigan, and Pitt). Some programs have already made it to 100% completion, so let’s be sure to keep pace!
I ask that you please take the survey at your earliest convenience. Your answers are confidential. Participation is voluntary, but I do hope that we can have 100% participation.
It should only take a few minutes. The survey link is here.
We do really appreciate your participation, THANKS!

2020 Annual Hospital Training (AHT 2020)

Get ready to complete your mandatory annual hospital training!

Access the 2020 Annual Hospital Training (AHT20) in the NYP Learning Center. This year’s launch is earlier than in prior years to allow more time for completing the training and learning the critical competencies. Completion of AHT20 is required by all graduate staff. Compliance is mandatory for you to work and for NYP to meet regulatory requirements. Failure to complete this in a timely manner will lead to your CWID account being disabled.

The deadline for completing AHT20 is Friday, December 4, 2020.

Instructions for completion can be found here. 

From the Munira Persad: BLS/ACLS Recertifications

Please see the attached documents regarding BLS/ACLS (Re)Certification. 

Residency Leadership guidance will be coming shortly to answer questions residents have about certifying or recertifying.

AHA COVID Interim Guidance

BLS/ACLS NYP Sign-Up Information

Campus Announcements

From Dr. Joan Bregstein and Ana Figueroa Garcia:

Dear team, 

We continue to have opportunities to volunteer at Nido de Esperanza and in the Washington Heights community, and are looking for drivers for food and diaper deliveries. We received a special request from Nido de Esperanza for next Tuesday, October 13th, 2020. The volunteer opportunities are open for 11:00 am and 1:00 pm. Please also let us know if you can volunteer on: 

10/20 at 11am & 2pm 
11/3 All times are available (11 am, 1 pm and 2 pm)
11/17 All times are available (11 am, 1 pm and 2 pm)
12/1  All times are available (11 am, 1 pm and 2 pm)
12/15 All times are available (11 am, 1 pm and 2 pm)

All you need is a car and the ability to drive on city streets. There are often addresses in the Bronx as well as upper Manhattan. The time commitment is 2 hours, and all you need is a car and we will send you the details. Best, Joan & Ana

Please contact Ana Figueroa Garcia (af3092@cumc.columbia.edu) if interested.


From Dr. Sachin Argawal: Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest

PGY3s and 4s – Please remember to call the Neurocritical care fellow at 8-COOL to let them know of all out-of-hospital cardiac arrests that have neurological deficits at time of ROSC. Targeted temperature management is an important part of post-arrest care and the NICU would appreciate early involvement!

From Dr. Bernard Chang: the IMPROVE Study

Dear Team

We are excited to finally launch our study on long-term clinician physical and psychological health (called IMPROVE) led by our team here in Columbia Emergency Medicine. This study, funded by the National Institutes of Health, will be one of the largest longitudinal studies on emergency provider mental and physical health and could lead to significant changes in how EDs operate, while providing evidence for staffing/scheduling and patient-flow innovations to improve both clinician well-being and patient outcomes. 

We designed our study to be respectful of your time, minimally disruptive given your busy schedules, while also recognizing you with a bunch of goodies 🙂 Please read below for details and how to sign up if interested.  (Of note, this is a different study from Dr. Laurel Mayer’s study on mental health. There is no problem in participating in both studies.)

We are looking for full time emergency department nurses, physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants to participate in this study.  The study baseline visit will involve: 

  • answering questions (electronically) about your demographics, health history, thoughts, behaviors, and sleep (about 15 minutes)  
  • wearing an activity monitor on your wrist to assess physical activity and sleep during a 2-week period  (Fitbit watch)
  • taking Home Blood Pressure (HBP) readings daily (in the morning and at night) during a 2-week period 
  • sharing your work schedule during the 2-week assessment period (while at Columbia)

Study participation and annual follow-up will continue over 3 years and the two-week burst assessments described above will be repeated at years 1, 2 and 3.  Compensation for participation is available:

1) up to $600 ($150 at baseline and annually for 3 years)

2) A Fitbit Inspire HR to keep 

3) A bluetooth enabled blood pressure device (the Omron 5 Series BP7250) to keep. 

Please note that participation or decision not to participate in this study has no bearing or influence on your evaluation or status as an employee at New York Presbyterian or CUIMC. The data will be collected in a confidential manner and no identifiable information will be shared with non-study personnel.  

If you wish to view the electronic consent and information sheet to learn more about the study, please click on the following link:  



Thank you so much for considering and look forward to sharing the results of this study with you all. Sending you all my best and thank you again for all your hard work at our ED!  

From Dr. Mahesh Polavarapu: EM/Radiology QI Project

Hi All!

There is a collaborative QI Project with Radiology that is about to kick-off looking at CT Utilization in the ED. It’s been identified by both departments as a great opportunity for resident involvement and should easily meet requirements for scholarly activity.  The scope is rather large with potential for multiple publications so I wanted to see if (and how many ) residents could use the project as their scholarly activity. To help, I created a rough estimate of scope (below). Let me know when you have the chance.



  1. Talk to departmental research team about project (10hrs)
    1. IRB Approval?
  1.       If so, all participants need to complete IRB Training
    1. Funding availability
  1.       And how to apply for funding
    1. How do we develop a validated questionnaire?
  1.       Through the grad school?
        1. If so, what’s the process
    1. How do we get data analyzed?
    2. Potential forums for presenting results
  1.       Determine applicable timelines
  1. Develop Validated Questionnaire (15-20hrs)
  2. Develop Appropriateness Criteria from ED Perspective (10-15hrs)
  3. On-board study participants to project (5-10hrs)
  4. Chart mining and collection of study data (50hrs)
  5. Study analysis (10-15hrs)
    1. More if there is no external help for this
  1. Prepare and present data within the department (10hrs)
  2. Abstract writing (5-10hrs)
  3. Manuscript Writing and Submission (15-20hrs)

Total Projected EM Hours for Scholarly Activity Completion 130-160hrs

From Dr. Erica Olsen and Mariah Salerno: ED OnDemand Follow-Up Program

We want to inform you of an ED OnDemand Follow-Up w/ Coupon Code program that we are currently running in our CUMC emergency departments.

Program Description:

The program is intended for patients who are seen in the ED and discharged home, yet are identified as patients who would benefit from a free virtual follow-up appointment so that they do not need to physically come back into the ED. At the time of DC, the provider gives the Pt. a brochure and informs the Pt. that they are able to come back to the ED OR use the coupon code provided in the brochure to be seen Virtually for free.

Other Quick Tips:

  • The coupon code is good for ONE free virtual follow-up appointment.
  • The brochures are currently placed in the provider working rooms of Areas A, B, C, D and RME as well as in Allen.
  • The brochures are available in both English and Spanish.
  • The coupon codes in the Allen brochures are distinguished between the Peds and Adult patients.
From the Columbia EPIC team: Documentation Workflow
A reminder to all residents that when completing your primary provider note in Epic, you must click the box requiring a co-signature
Once the note has been assigned to the attending, sign your note (unless specifically asked not to by the attending. This workflow ensures that notes can be signed in a timely manner by attending. 
If you have questions, please feel free to reach out to the chiefs!
From Cornell Leadership: Morning Report

When working weekdays at Cornell, it is very important that you are back in the ED after morning report NO LATER than 9:05am.  Residents must be present for morning huddle back in the bays.

This is especially important when coming from the SIM center on the 10th floor; please account for transit time and don’t dally.  Just get back to the department, huddle, get caught up on patients, then go grab a coffee/breakfast after that.  Faculty have also been reminded to make sure sessions end on time.  
Thanks for your attention to this!    

From Dr. Manish Garg: EM/IM Signout in Cornell Epic

Dear EM family,
As part of the admission process for Cornell EM/IM sign out, please make sure to read the following workflow.  The Qualtrics attestation is present once you have completed the review.  
We graciously ask for 100% compliance.  If it happens that you miss this clinically, we will try to reach out individually to remind you.
We appreciate your hard work and care.
Thank you sincerely,

From Dr. Phil Perera: CT-RAP

I am starting up an abdominal pain research study at Cornell in the next months named CT-RAP, or CT imaging in the regional assessment of acute abdominal pain. Doing the IRB now. This would be the second phase prospective study. A first phase retrospective study was completed at Stanford with 800 patients with data being analyzed now.

Would love to have some interested (and faculty) residents on this study.

My research question is which patients (not peds, not pregnant woman) with acute abdominal pain presenting to the ED need an imaging study (CT or ultrasound).

If interested, please email pererap@med.cornell.edu to learn more!

From Dr. Lynn Jiang: Weill Cornell-Bugando Medical Center Morning Report
Hello everyone,
In order to strengthen our global health curriculum while travel is suspended, we are implementing a recurring monthly collaborative morning report with our Tanzanian colleagues at Bugando Medical Center. 
This will occur at the morning report on the Cornell campus the FIRST THURSDAY of every month (ie next date October 1st). If you are assigned to this date, someone will reach out to you a few weeks before to help connect you with the Bugando team. They will be responsible for choosing a case and sending you the case information. Your responsibility will be guiding the presentation and discussion of this case, including possible differences in management depending on differing ER resources and setting. When available, the Bugando team will join the morning report real-time as well. 
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Lynn Jiang at lgj7001@med.cornell.edu

MCB Message of the Month

October 21, 2020

THEME DAY - All Things EKG




Dr. Emerson Floyd

NYPEM Resident

Dr. Jason Hill

CUIMC Emergency Attending

EKG Theme Day Team
Dr. Jason Hill

CUIMC Emergency Attending

EKG Theme Day Team


**Senior PGY3/4 Small Group**
Meeting ID: 137 767 746
Passcode: 068082

Dr. Chris Hennessy

Congratulations to our PGY3 Dr. Chris Hennessy for an incredible shift that saw him expertly manage complete heart block, massive GI bleed, intracranial hemorrhage, septic shock, 3 intubations and a double trauma with evisceration! Way to lead by example!

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  • Time to start dominating the board.  
  • If you have money to save after NYC costs and student loan repayment, consider putting it into NYP’s 403(b) or an IRA.  The “Roth” option is likely better when you’re a resident.  


  • Ask questions constantly! Everyone is here to help!

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Chris Reisig, M.D. 
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