Reminder from Residency Leadership: Continue to Wear PPE

Reminder to everyone that they should be wearing PPE (masks + N95 + eye shield) at all times in all clinical areas.  During breaks and morning reports, please continue to wear a face mask at all times.  This is to protect yourselves and each other and prevent us from depleting our sick call pool.

If you have not received your Covid Booster shot yet, please consider doing this as soon as possible.  Please reach out to the chiefs or Manish if you are having difficulty finding an appointment.

Reminder:  Hospital Training Due December 31

Remember to complete the SabaCloud training by December 31.  All residents must also complete the required stroke modules, also due December 31.

From the Residency Leadership: Interview Season

Dear EM family,
Faculty and residents, if free we ask that you try and make it anytime from 9am to 11:15am (east coast interview days) on 
18th, 24th
Faculty and residents, if free we ask that you try and make it anytime from 11:45am to 2:00pm (non-east coast interview days) on
20th, 21st
10th, 11th
Here is the zoom link for every interview day:

Interview Day Zoom:

Meeting ID: 864 113 9634

Passcode: 741852

One of the most positive pieces of feedback we receive from applicants is an acknowledgment of how many faculty and residents show up on interview day.  So even if you can be present for 15 minutes, it would be greatly appreciated.  Your shared experience, advocacy, and passion for EM truly demonstrate the essence of our remarkable NYP Columbia and Cornell residency.
Thank you for your care and commitment,
With gratitude,
The EM Residency Program Leadership

Reminder: Documenting Disposition Notes

A reminder that all patients being discharged should have a progress note documented and to use the “.resdispo” smartphrase as a template.  This is important for documenting what was done in the ER and that the patient was reassessed.  This should be done for all patients at both campuses.

Furthermore, all admitted patients must have a resident hanoff note. 

Campus Announcements

Covid Updates from Cornell Leadership:

In anticipation of rising ED arrivals for COVID-like Illness (CLI), we want to socialize the following WCMC ED Operational workflows:
  • SAFE exam room has moved from C10 to B3, effective immediately.  As during peak pandemic times, SAFE Exams will be triaged to B Bay.  This will add capacity for CLI patients in C Bay and maintain SAFE exam standards. 
  • Patients with CLI, who fill ESI 4-5 criteria, will continue to be triaged to a patient room in D Bay.  Standard isolation and cleaning processes must be taken. 
    • C Bay will continue to be triaged patients with CLI who require longer workups and during hours when D Bay is closed or at capacity for appropriate isolation
  • Pulse Oximeters will continue to be stocked in D1 and with Social Work/Care Coordination — current inventory is sufficient; MRN’s recorded for each pulse ox given out.   
  • Continue using Epic Orders under “Common Follow-Ups” (photo below), when appropriate: 
    • ED COVID Discharge, which populates options for COVID Discharge Instructions and Pulse Oximeter.
I believe the Intubating Providers know, but our McGraths are not disposable.  The blades are single use and disposable, but the handles and screens are not (photo below) and can be placed on Mayo stand or given directly to Unit Coordinators for sterilization. 
We’ve had three go missing in the past week, hence the urgent email. We’re also messaging Environmental, Nursing and all others who may touch them. 

December 22, 2021 - GI




Dr. Mert Keceli


Dr. Dana Berg
Dr. Denise Marte


Dr. Alex Wang


Dr. Emily Rose


Allen – he successfully managed a peri-intubation patient in the CT scanner, who then later became extremely unstable in B bay at Columbia. He masterfully managed all the right pressors, and even spared an intubation, and then went with the patient to the ICU. Even the ICU triage resident didn’t know how to handle the patient.  Keep up the great work Allen!

Maria – for taking signout from 2 juniors do to last minute staffing changes, while also continuing to pick up new patients and help move the board.  Great work Maria!

Chief on Call

Jamie Lee, M.D.  
EM Chiefs’ Cell:  917-410-1056
  • Please call and do not text/ email so we can address issues promptly.
  • If you do not hear back within 10 minutes, then call any of the other chiefs