March 22, 2021

Welcome Class of 2025!!

From Dr. Manish Garg

Dear EM Family,

We are overjoyed with the new additions to our NYP EM family!
Special thanks to our program leadership during this unbelievable year, and thank you to everyone who helped us continue to build on a very special legacy of outstanding Emergency Medicine Residents.
We feel honored and blessed to present to you the NYP EM Class of 2025.

From Dr. Kaushal Shah: EMRA Rep to ACEP Clinical Policy Committee 

If you’re interested in an academic career, consider applying to be on the ACEP Clinical Policies Committee as an EMRA Rep.  I’m happy to talk to anyone about it.  It’s not easy to get on the committee in general but we’ve accepted a lot of EMRA reps in the past.  It’s career-changing

Interest forms due by May 1, 2021.

Campus Announcements

From Dr. Bernard Chang: ED Buprenorphine Study

We’re excited to announce that next Monday March 22, our Emergency Department will be launching a new clinical trial funded by the NIH on treating opioid use disorder patients. This study will be comparing the effectiveness of two different formulations of buprenorphine, a medication that can help treat patients suffering from substance use disorder. If interested, click here to learn more.  

From Dr. Betty Chang: Peripheral Norepi, RAPID Outpatient MRI, and FYI’s

1) Peripheral norepinephrine approved by Medical Board :  GO LIVE, March 8th. Please refer to handout from Dr. Chang’s email.

Max 72 hr.  Max dose 15mcg/min. Use at 20G or larger.  Have another IV access as back-up.  Use the 4mg/250ml concentration. 

2) We have collaborated with Radiology and Neurology to arrange outpatient MRI on ED patients who do not need emergent MRI.  They usually get a MRI appt within one week’s time and sometimes in a day or two. 

Get Neurology consult involved.  They will identify patients who meet criteria.  Unfortunately, at this time, patients will need to have insurance. Neurology will arrange outpatient Neuro follow up.  

ED will consult CM/SW and Navigators – CM/SW will confirm pt info, address the MRI appointment with Call Center,  Call Center to work on pre-authorization, and navigators (Gabriela Reda & Luisa Santos, the navigator supervisors) to work on follow up with PMD.

3) Patient with ESRD on Dialysis, who missed dialysis. We hope to mitigate any issues that caused the patients to come to ED for missed dialysis.  PLEASE get SW/CM involved upon patient arrival.  You can easily find them via group secure chat “CUIMC ED SW& Care Mgr Consult”

4) Watch out for FYI’s! 

Please note that there is a little flag that shows up by patient’s name that acts as an alert for clinical staff. It often contains very important information that is relevant from prior visits (ie. staff safety, violence, etc.)

From Dr. Nick Gavin: Sedation Options at Columbia

As of Monday, February 22, fentanyl and midazolam drips will be available for post-intubation sedation.  Please consider prioritizing these medications over precedex in the appropriate patient population going forward.  

From Drs. Emmagene Worley and Peter Wyer: EBM Survey

Hi everyone! We are hoping to gauge your exposure to critical appraisal and all-around research literacy before an upcoming conference session. Would you click on the link below for a short qualtrics survey? Should take approximately two minutes – in fact, you could do it right this moment! Thank you in advance! -emmagene

MCB Message of the Month

March 24, 2020




All NYC EM Team


ALiEM Air Pro Series: Neurology 2019

Tintinalli’s Emergency Medicine 9th Ed – Chapters 1173-175 (WCM for residents)


*Cornell Faculty Attendance

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The New Family!

Can't say it enough - we are so glad you are joining! Welcome to the family!!

Chief on Call

Emerson Floyd, M.D. 
EM Chiefs’ Cell:  917-410-1056
  • Please call and do not text/ email so we can address issues promptly.
  • If you do not hear back within 10 minutes, then call any of the other chiefs