May 31, 2021

Reminder for Seniors about Morning Report

Please remember to check the morning report schedule and e-mail your assigned mentor 2-3 days before hand with what you are planning on discussing.  Please also ask if they will be joining in-person or via Zoom.

If you are running late, please try to e-mail/text your mentor, especially if the attending is joining via Zoom.

BLS and ACLS courses available for residents

NYP EMS has availability for AHA training (BLS & ACLS) for house staff. For each date listed below you can sign up for either the Cornell campus or Columbia campus they are not offered simultaneously (The trainer will go to the site you pick). The training room at Columbia can host 20 participants. The training room at Cornell can host 25 participants. If you have house staff that need to take AHA training, please reach out to Pricilla Adams at or 212-746-7877.

  • June 6
  • June 19
  • June 26
  • July 10
  • July 17
  • July 24
  • July 31

Elective Offering: ABC News

My friend is working with ABC news and they are offering a 4 week residency elective doing background research for stories etc. If you think this would interest  anyone lmk and I’ll send info.
-Miles Gordon, Columbia

Documentation Update from Cornell, forwarded from Dr. Curato:

  • Every pateint with your name on it needs a progress note.
  •  1. Every chart must contain closure:
    For Admitted Patients: Open a “handoff” note which contains the ED-PASS document.
    For Discharged Patients: Open a progress note and use the “.RESDISPO” smartphrase, which is now live.  (The only possible exception would be in area D if the patient is immediately discharged and the disposition is clear in the provider note, such as a suture removal).  
    2. Every patient who is signed-out must have progress notes containing the smartphrase “.RESHANDOFF1” from the offgoing resident and “.RESHANDOFF2” from the oncoming resident.
  • Seniors: Please remind off-service residents, especially on their first day, about documentation expectations. 
We’ve made a significant improvement to the way you request and schedule your electives.  You no longer need to use the MedForm form.  Now, you’ll use this form, which will also be linked on the site.
The process is now MUCH easier for you.
Your end of the bargain is that the deadlines must be observed.  You should not expect a reminder or nudge when your elective is approaching.  Rather, if you fail to get your elective submitted and approved on-time you may just hear from the chiefs to let you know that you’re being scheduled for an EM block instead.
A few details/tips:
  • Craft thoughtful learning objectives with your faculty preceptor so as to maximize your chances of approval.
  • All electives now include a learning objective related to culturally responsive medicine, which is clearly described on the form.
  • We will push your evaluation to your preceptor after your elective, so you don’t need to worry about that; your only job is to show up, learn, meet your learning objectives, and have fun!
  • At this moment, NYP still prohibits “away” rotations.  This is out of the hands of residency leadership.  If you have a compelling case for an exception we will be glad to submit the formal request to GME for you.  Their deadline for that is 120 days prior to proposed elective (and you should definitely have a back-up “home” elective in mind.)
We’re happy to field any questions!

Campus Announcements

From Dr. Betty Chang: Trauma Activation Guidelines and Roles at Columbia.

Notice the similarities between criteria for a Columbia Trauma Code and a Cornell Level I Trauma; Columbia Trauma Alert Criteria are similar to Cornell Level II Trauma Activations. Both Trauma Codes and Alerts go to the DART room but surgery is only activated for Trauma Codes. Please see the attachments for details on resident roles and responsibilites AND for case examples. 

Trauma Activation Guidelines -Milstein Final. May 2021

Milstein Trauma

From Dr. Marc Probst: New NIH-funded Syncope study – PACES.

Dear EM Residents,
We are very excited for the upcoming launch of a new ED clinical research study called PACES.
Here is a brief summary of the study:
  • Study Design: Prospective, observational study.
  • Inclusion Criteria: ED patient with syncope OR pre-syncope. Adults aged 40 and over.
  • Exclusion Criteria: AMS, unstable, lacking capacity, NEW serious ED diagnosis (e.g  MI, PE, GI bleed.)
The research coordinators will first approach you to check whether the patient is stable, has capacity, and truly had syncope/presyncope. If yes, they will do all the screening and consent. Then they will ask you a couple of clinical questions (e.g. vasovagal vs cardiac syncope vs unclear). Later they will ask you to interpret the EKG and about any serious ED diagnoses (e.g. MI, PE, GI bleed).
Please do NOT hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or comments:
My contact information:
Cell: 310-666-3834 (Any day, any time.)
Thank you in advance!!

Update from Support Services about Milstein Vending Machines

We are excited to announce that our Vicki Vending Machines located on the 2nd and 5th floors are now accepting QuickCharge! 

Residents, Fellows and everyone enrolled in QuickCharge can now use your ID Badge to purchase food and beverages from the machine 24/7!

From Dr. Joyce Kuo: Camp Nejeda Physician Opportunity 

Please see the attachment for information on doing a 1-2 week elective as camp physician. Camp Nejeda is “a large summer camp for children with Type 1 Diabetes in NJ.”

From Dr. Shah: Mattu EKG Competition

Amal Mattu is sharing his 9th Annual ECG Competition to all programs that would like to test their ability to interpret ECGs.  Answers will be posted on and will be FREE open access.

To get a copy of this years questions please download them from

From Dr. Shah: EMRA Awards / Grants

Please consider applying for an EMRA award/grant.  Deadline is July 15.

Making Care Better: May Message of the Month

June 3, 2021


No conference this week due to Graduation on Thursday, June 3, 2021.

Congratulations Class of 2021!!!


Shout out to the Class of 2024!

Congrats on finishing your intern year! You've all grown so much this past year and glad you enjoyed your intern year retreat!

Chief on Call

Jamie Lee, M.D. 
EM Chiefs’ Cell:  917-410-1056
  • Please call and do not text/ email so we can address issues promptly.
  • If you do not hear back within 10 minutes, then call any of the other chiefs