January 4, 2021

From Dr. David Kessler

just wanted to share this link to a MOOC we made here on crisis resource management (collaboration with anesthesia through provost grant)
it is free (or paid for credits) – and can be done entirely self-directed, or with groups going through together 

He would like to pilot with interested residents. Please contact him (dk2592@cumc.columbia.edu) if interested.


From Leadership: Anesthesia Selective for PGY2

Dear Colleagues,

We are writing to introduce to all of you the new resident-inspired Allen Anesthesia Selective.

We are pleased to offer to our PGY2 residents the opportunity to choose a two-week Anesthesia Rotation located at the Allen Hospital.  We believe that this will be an excellent Anesthesia experience as the Allen has 4 OR rooms and 2 Procedural Sedation rooms run by Columbia Anesthesiologist and Allen based CRNAs.  There are no residents at Allen Anesthesia giving you the exclusive opportunity to intubate and sedate patients. 

According to Dr. J. Steven Mercer, Director of Milstein Anesthesia, and Dr. Mark Weller, Director of Allen Anesthesia, you will only be required to deal with securing the airway and then you are expected to move on to the next case.  They estimate at least 5 intubations per day!!  The selective will be M, T, Th, F from 7AM to 4PM.

If you might be interested, please contact Dr. Mark Curato.

From Dr. Cameron Callipari: Residency Recruitment
EM Fam,
ERAS is OPEN and interview season is upon us! The schedule will be Sundays to Tuesday every week until January 19th, and we all need to step up to help make things run smoothly this year.
1.) On Sundays from 6p-8p, we need (at least 5) residents who would like to join a residency-covered dinner/social event where we will zoom in the prospective applicants for the Monday/Tuesday interviews.  It’s a chance for us to spend time together and share insights with the applicants in a less formal way.  It’s not perfect, but this will be our best chance to show the culture of the program and our interpersonal relationships. We are also looking for people to volunteer to host these little weekly social gatherings or suggest a unique place to do them.
2.) Monday and Tuesday will be interview days in the morning, hosting 8 applicants per day.  We need at least 2 residents for 9am-11am to give the “virtual tour” and “Question and Answers”. These will be over zoom so no need to get together in person, unless of course you want to because brunching is the best.
Interview season can be incredibly fun if we all step up and help make it that way! No amount of zooms or flyers can show how awesome our program is like we personally can.  The applicants want to share time with us and get a vibe of what our tribe is like, and this is a great opportunity to create a lasting legacy by bringing another outstanding group into our EM community.
The interview sign-up schedule is attached below, and the expectation is for everyone to sign up for at least one slot, but please sign up for as many as you can possibly make! 


Here’s a sign-up sheet with all the dates and social events laid out.  Let me know what you think!


Thank you and let’s add some awesome new members to our EM family!

From Dr. Adria Simon: DEI Committee Residency Interviews

Hi everyone
As we approach interview season, I wanted to share our plan for outreach.  We’ve created a centralized email account for the committee (nypemdei@gmail.com) and plan to have a resident “on call” for that week to handle outreach. Interview invitations and subsequent communication will include this contact info and an open invitation to meet with a committee member.  Ideally, we could offer an opportunity to chat with both residents and faculty. The residents will be handling the inbox and will reach out to faculty to coordinate. 
We will be interviewing Monday and Tuesday mornings starting 11/9 through 1/17.  Each interview day has a built in “break” with some loose structure for reviewing videos and informal Q&A with the residents from 9-10 AM. This is a great opportunity for faculty drop in and interface with the applicants.  Once we have the schedule, I can also identify the days or weeks when we have URiM applicants interviewing so we can focus our efforts more on those days. 
We created a sign-up sheet linked below to have a point person week by week and will be extending this invite to faculty from Cornell as well.  I think the involvement can range from a quick email, a zoom hangout and interview day drop ins.
If interested, please indicate your availability on the sign-up sheet so the residents can coordinate with you during that time. 
Thanks to everyone for your time and we are so excited to collaborate this interview season!

From Dr. Oz Sayan: ITE Review

Dear Colleagues,

I am writing to re-introduce you all to our Wednesday Evening In-Training Exam (ITE) Reviews.

Retired a few years ago, we are returning them as an alternate form of review for the ITE.   Please try to attend.  Our faculty will be presenting high yield medical knowledge and questions to help you all do well on the ITE this February.

For all residents (PGY2-4) who scored under 30th percentile on the 2020 ITE, we will ask that you attend a mandatory 50% (or 12) ITE Wednesday Evening Sessions and view the remaining 12 ITE session asynchronously via ZOOM recordings.   All other residents can use the ITE Review Session as another tool to study – no mandatory attendance.  I will send individual emails to those of you under 30th percentile.

We will continue at 8:30PM-10:30PM via ZOOM.  They will be every Wednesday Evening until February 17, 2021.  I have attached the schedule. 

Zoom Info:


Meeting ID: 969 5298 1627

Passcode: 384908



Campus Announcements

From Dr. Marie-Laure Romney:

Hi All,

Effective immediately, please provide a pulse oximeter to any patient being discharged from the emergency department with COVID or CLI.  Attached is the workflow for distribution.  It is similar to the process we followed in the Spring. 

Patients with poor prognostic factors, as outlined in the most recent version of the NYP ED COVID Evaluation Guideline, should be enrolled in the COVID Remote Care program.  This is a program being run by Columbia Doctors PAs.  Patients will be contacted via telephone the day after ED discharge.  Please limit this referral to patients who meet this criteria, as capacity is limited.

Contact Ed Suh (ehs2109@columbia.edu) or Lily Abrukin (la2645@cumc.columbia.edu) if you have any additional questions related to this.

From Nathan Damaghi: OneDrive Password Changes

Good morning Residents,
For those of you who had accounts created in April, this is your reminder to reset your password for Teams and OneDrive access. 
Having an active OneDrive is important to get current COVID updates on Teams, conference recordings, and now eventually Vagelos access for simulation.
To reset your password, click here: https://mypassword.cumc.columbia.edu/
Thank you!

From Dr. Helen Ouyang: Upcoming Journal Club on Health Reporting

Our next Journal Club on Health Reporting will be the evening of Tuesday, January 26th, likely at 8pm again.
We had a great turn-out for our first meeting, and I’m hoping many of you can attend this one. It’ll be on the very relevant topic of… Covid-19 vaccines! I would especially love to have the expertise of some of our pediatric colleagues, who can share their experiences with patient- and family-centered conversations about vaccinations. 
Articles and Zoom link to follow. If you come across something (news stories, podcasts, etc) in the lay press that you would like to be included, please send along. 
Thank you,
Helen, Manish, Phong, Emerson
From Dr. Stefan Flores: CUIMC Diversity Day
Just a heads up to block the date for our first CUIMC diversity day on Feb 3rd, @ 4-6 pm.
The purpose of the event is to serve as an inaugural day to recruit prospective residents from all departments, including Emergency medicine, surgery, medicine, pediatrics that are BIPOC, LGBTQ ,and those from historically under-represented backgrounds. Considering interview season is currently underway, this will allow for them to revisit the institution virtually.
The event will be warm and informal and intend to highlight that our institution values diversity and anti-racism. It will allow students to connect with all faculty and residents including those who identify as BIPOC /LGBTQ throughout the institution , and a small talk from our keynote speaker!
PLEASE Save the date- We need diverse representation from ALL backgrounds, especially those within the DEI committee!
Considering the day is only 2 months away, we want to advertise and let students know ASAP.
We have not confirmed our Keynote speaker just yet, but I will know soon. I am waiting to hear from Dr. Fullilove @ Mailman school of public health.
If he is unavailable, also happy to field other keynote speaker options, or just keep that this warm and informal with our department.
 We won’t know an exact number depending on number of registrants, but we anticipate the group will not be more than 50-60 participants or so including our faculty/residents.
More to come, but we would love help/input from anyone including the residents, considering we need to showcase why this program is worth coming to! 
Stefan/Almaz/Chloe and the DEI committee

From Dr. Dave Bodnar:

We have slimmed it down so it now is much easier to read and complete (Examples below). Please remind the residents that this note must be completed prior to bed request for Internal Medicine admissions. Please let me know (djb9004@med.cornell.edu) if there are any questions.


ED-PASS Sign-Out


@DATE@ (this stamps both the date and time into the note) 


Author Contact Number: *** 


ED Course (Including Pertinent Labs, Radiology and Consult Discussions): ***

Working ED Diagnosis / Reason for Admission:  *** 

Any Non-Clinical Psycho/Social Issues: ***

From Dr. Daniel Golden: QIPS

Join our Council!! Opportunities now exist to learn how to perform Quality Improvement projects, obtain leadership positions, take part in scholarly projects, network, and make a difference! 

The amount you participate is up to you. Contact Dan Golden at dag9164@nyp.org or call/text 347-573-1681 if interested!

From Dr. Ernie Esquivel: Cornell Clinical Enhancement Course 

Dear colleagues,

As you may be aware, the Class of 2023 (current 2nd year medical students) has been severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.  Their clinical experiences in their first and second years have essentially been curtailed due to concerns with exposure to the virus and issues with inadequate PPE in the spring.  This class will be starting their Clinical Clerkships in February 2021 and the medical school has asked me to develop a 4-week Clinical Enhancement Course in January 2021.  This course will include virtual and in-person experiences aimed at preparing our students to better engage in the clinical space.  

One of the key clinical experiences the students need is conducting the history and physical examination on patients in the hospital/outpatient spaces.  We need your help desperately to act as preceptors for these sessions.  These students have performed histories previously and have been taught the complete physical exam.  They practiced on each other.  They need to be observed performing these on “real” patients in the clinical space.  What are we asking of you:

(1) Four encounters with the students in the afternoon (or early evenings or weekends, for nocturnists/hospitalists).

Session 1 (in person) – Observed complete history and physical examination # 1

            Student Assignment:  Write-up of the history and physical examination

            Student Assignment:  Prepare oral presentation of Case # 1 for Session 2

Session 2 (in person) – Oral presentation of Case # 1 and observed complete history and physical examination # 2

            Student Assignment:  Write-up including history and physical examination AND assessment of the differential diagnosis for Case # 2

            Student Assignment:  Prepare oral presentation of Case # 2 for Session 3

Session 3 (in person) – Oral presentation of Case # 2 and observed complete history and physical examination # 3

            Student Assignment:  Write-up including history and physical examination, assessment of the differential diagnosis for Case # 3 AND proposed plan for further diagnosis and therapeutic management

            Student Assignment:  Prepare oral presentation of Case # 3 for Session 4

Session 4 (virtual) – Oral presentation of Case # 3

(2) Provide feedback to student on history and exam skills, feedback on write-up and oral presentations.  We will be available also for additional help if there are significant issues with students’ work.

These sessions may be scheduled at your convenience between Monday, January 11, 2021 – Friday, January 29, 2021, as long as it does not coincide with a required session for the student.  As mentioned, this can be between 1 PM – 9 PM and, if necessary, on weekend days.  I would assume that sessions would be about 2 hours long.  Sessions can be at Lower Manhattan Hospital, Memorial Sloan-Kettering or NYP/Weill Cornell.

FYI, these students will have concurrent sessions aimed at ensuring that students gain skills in oral presentation, clinical reasoning and note-writing.

We will be providing you with orientation materials to the sessions, along with grading/feedback rubrics.  

Kindly send me an email if you are able to help us with these critical skills building exercises.  Thank you in advance.  Stay healthy!

Ernie Esquivel, MD (ere9022@med.cornell.edu)

MCB Message of the Month

January 6, 2021

Orthopedic Emergencies




Dr. Mushtaba Yuridullah

NYPEM Resident

Dr. Alex Wang

NYPEM Resident

Dr. Phillips Perera

WCMC Emergency Attending

Dr. Kelsey Fawcett

CHONY Emergency Attending

Dr. Abu Khan

CHONY Emergency Attending

Dr. Neil Patel

NYPEM Resident

8:00 AM      Hand Emergencies [Dr. Mushtaba Yuridullah]
8:30 AM      Case Follow Up [Dr. Alex Wang]
9:00 AM      BREAK
9:15 AM      Case-Based Approach to Critical Emergency Imaging Findings in Trauma [Dr. Perera]
9:45 AM      BREAK
10:00 AM    Child with a Limp [Dr. Fawcett]
10:30 AM    Radiology Review: Common Pediatric Fractures [Dr. Khan]
11:00 AM    Columbia Morbidity & Mortality [Dr. Neil Patel]
ALiEM Air Series 2019Ortho Upper Extremity
ALiEM Air Series 2019: Ortho Lower Extremity
Tintinalli’s Emergency Medicine 9th Ed – Chapters 208-210 (WCM Library for residents)


You. The Frontline Heroes.

Shout out to our NYPEM family for fighting on the frontlines. Thank you for your sacrifice and service in 2020. Here's to a new year!

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Liza Hartofilis, M.D. 
EM Chiefs’ Cell:  917-410-1056
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  • If you do not hear back within 10 minutes, then call any of the other chiefs