September 7, 2020

General Announcements

From NYPEM Leadership: Dr. Belardi
As you are all aware, our friend and colleague, Dr Chris Belardi, has been critically ill with COVID-19 since late March.  After nearly 4 1/2 months in our own ICU, we are happy to report that Chris is in rehabilitation and doing extremely well.  He has been in great spirits and is enjoying real food again! He is tentatively scheduled for discharge on Tuesday, September 8th.  Renu and I are inviting anyone who wishes to join us in a heartwarming send-off for Chris to come and line the hallways as he leaves the hospital.   We will line up from the Au Bon Pain elevators to the front entrance of the hospital.  We will keep you posted on timing but are hoping to aim for later in the morning/early lunchtime.  Details to follow.
Thank you!

From the Chiefs: PGY3 and PGY4 Morning Reports

Please check the morning report schedule and reach out to your faculty mentor before giving morning report.

From Work Healthforce and Safety: Annual Health Review Form

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, Workforce Health and Safety temporarily suspended Annual Health Reviews from February through July.  We are currently in the process of working with our employees to update all Annual Health Reviews. 

Below you will find the link to the Online Annual Health Review form. Please note, at this time we will not be requiring testing for TB or respirator fit testing as part of the AHR and you will only need to complete the online form.  We will work to review and complete all of these AHRs between August 1st – September 30th, 2020. 

Employee Online Annual Health Review

You will need to log in with you NYP cwid and password. Upon successful completion of the form, you will receive an email confirmation of your submission. Once the form has been reviewed, you will receive confirmation of your compliance with the program.

Please complete and submit the Online AHR form by September 15th

If you have any questions about this process, please contact Workforce Health and Safety’s Data Management team at:

From Dr. Mark Curato: Post-Residency Career Plans

In the next couple of weeks, we will release a (short) survey to you regarding your post-residency career plans (fellowship, academic, community, etc.). 

We are participating in a large study led by a researcher at UCLA, and we will survey you annually through your training. We’re one of several highly regarded residencies participating, and all sites are striving for 100% participation (though, of course, it is fully voluntary). 

More to come (we’re pending IRB approval at our site).

From the Chiefs: Schedule Requests

Please request at least 10 weeks ahead (as noted in our handbook) using the form on our website if you need a guaranteed day off (subject to review and approval). All other requests cannot be promised. 

From Dr. Annie Katz: **Updated Sick Call Policy**

Please see and review the new sick call policy by clicking here.
As part of the sick call policy, PGY4s – please let the chiefs and Annie know which of your electives will be designated as your “home” elective. 
We also plan to review the policy as a group during town hall on 9/30 and will gather feedback after several weeks of its implementation.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Annie Katz ( or Manish (

From Dr. Adria Simon:  Asynchronous Learning

Hey everyone!
In somewhat unfortunate timing, ALiEM updated their platform on 8/1 to include new content.  Pros: updated content, cons: this means everyone must re-register even if you previously had an account.
There is also a new system to track your progress.  Under this version, we can no longer add anyone as a coach.  To track your progress, we can include unique identifiers at registration to help me find all of you and track your hours for the year.  
Everyone needs to:
1.) Go to to register
2.) When you register, please enter your first and last name as First Last NYPEM
     ex. I would enter myself as Adria Simon NYPEM
Completing this step allows me to pull up everyone in the program’s data at once to appropriately assign credit.  For those of you go-getters who registered the first time around and completed the assignment, fear not- I downloaded your data prior to this upgrade and you will receive appropriate credit for completion.  
Thanks for your patience with these admin tasks as we get this set up but taking a few minutes now will ensure appropriate credit in the future!

From Drs. Stefan Flores and Edward Amores: Navigating Professional and Financial Lives

Good afternoon, 

We are Tiffany Chioma Anaebere and Brian Wood, core faculty of the EM Residency Program at St. Joseph’s Medical Center in Stockton, CA 
St. Joseph’s EM cordially invites you to: The Senior Seminar, our 2-part series for senior EM residents at invited institutions- Highland, NYP Columbia/Cornell and Yale- to learn about how to navigate your professional and financial lives post residency. 
Part 1 of Senior Seminar will be on Saturday, September 12th from 9-4pm. We will focus on career development which will include sessions on Finding a Job, reviewing contracts, CV workshop, malpractice and risk management and more! Part 2 will focus on personal finance and will be scheduled for sometime in May 2021.

Please forward to your institution’s senior residents. RSVP by emailing Christina Tornero, no later than Friday, August 28th at 4pm.

We look forward to working with you on September 12th.

From Dr. Mark Curato: ABO Confirmation Ordering
Great news, less work!
You no longer need to order ABO confirmation!
You have already ordered a Type and Screen (more than 5 minutes prior) and are ready to actually initiate a blood transfusion.
This is a tricky way of telling you that you must NEVER order a Type and Screen” and “ABO confirmation” within 5 minutes of each other.
The sample will be rejected.
It could (via the “Swiss cheese” analogy) be one in a chain of events leading to a devastating transfusion error.
It automatically triggers a multilevel, multi-departmental red flag and you will need to be “remediated”.  
Take home: Never ABO Confirmation within 5 minutes of T&S order.

2020 Annual Hospital Training (AHT 2020)

Get ready to complete your mandatory annual hospital training!

Access the 2020 Annual Hospital Training (AHT20) in the NYP Learning Center. This year’s launch is earlier than in prior years to allow more time for completing the training and learning the critical competencies. Completion of AHT20 is required by all graduate staff. Compliance is mandatory for you to work and for NYP to meet regulatory requirements. Failure to complete this in a timely manner will lead to your CWID account being disabled.

The deadline for completing AHT20 is Friday, December 4, 2020.

Instructions for completion can be found here. 

From the Munira Persad: BLS/ACLS Recertifications

Please see the attached documents regarding BLS/ACLS (Re)Certification. 

Residency Leadership guidance will be coming shortly to answer questions residents have about certifying or recertifying.

AHA COVID Interim Guidance

BLS/ACLS NYP Sign-Up Information

Campus Announcements

From Emily Westerman: Virtual Mock Interviews for P&S MS4s

 As you may be aware the VP&S Office of Student Affairs and CUIMC Center for Student Wellness have run an annual “Mock Interview Program” for our 4th year medical students. This program has been invaluable in preparing students for the residency interview process.

There are approximately 7 4th year students applying into emergency medicine, and we are hoping to secure at least 3 resident volunteers from emergency medicine to serve as this year’s mock interviewers. For the residents, they would just need to not be currently involved in the Match / and or residency selection process (otherwise it is a violation of the Match).

The format for this year’s “Virtual Mock Interview Program” would be to assign each resident or fellow ~ 3 students to virtual mock interview through either Zoom, Skype, or Face Time. The time commitment would be a 30 minute interview with each assigned student interviewee at a mutually convenient date / time, within the mock interview time frame window of September 21st – October 20th. We would just ask the resident to reach out to each of their assigned students to introduce themselves as the mock interviewer and coordinate the specific date / time, and preferred virtual venue with each of their student interviewees by September 21st to ensure all the mock interviews have been scheduled within the mock interview time frame window.

Interested residents can contact me (Emily Westerman, Career Advising Specialist) at by Friday, September 11

We are extremely appreciative of the volunteers’ time and efforts, and for your support of this program. Thank you in advance for your time and for your assistance in recruiting the mock interviewers for emergency medicine. We know the students will benefit tremendously from this mock interview experience.

From Dr. James Kenny

We are now down to only 4 McGraths in the ED from baseline of about 15 a couple of months ago. 

The usual process soon after an intubation is that the nurse will call the inventory analyst to exchange the airway box, but lately when the IA arrives the McGrath is missing. 

In order to limit losing more, we decided that the person intubating should hand the McGrath off to one of the nurses in the room (ideally either the patient’s nurse or resource nurse for the area) and they will hand off to the IA afterwards.

From Dr. Erica Olsen and Mariah Salerno: ED OnDemand Follow-Up Program

We want to inform you of an ED OnDemand Follow-Up w/ Coupon Code program that we are currently running in our CUMC emergency departments.

Program Description:

The program is intended for patients who are seen in the ED and discharged home, yet are identified as patients who would benefit from a free virtual follow-up appointment so that they do not need to physically come back into the ED. At the time of DC, the provider gives the Pt. a brochure and informs the Pt. that they are able to come back to the ED OR use the coupon code provided in the brochure to be seen Virtually for free.

Other Quick Tips:

  • The coupon code is good for ONE free virtual follow-up appointment.
  • The brochures are currently placed in the provider working rooms of Areas A, B, C, D and RME as well as in Allen.
  • The brochures are available in both English and Spanish.
  • The coupon codes in the Allen brochures are distinguished between the Peds and Adult patients.

From Dr. Eliza Miller (CUIMC Neurology): OB/Gyn Stroke Survey

The Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology, Maternal Fetal Medicine Division, with the guidance of Dr. Eliza Miller, Stroke and Cerebrovascular Neurologist, is beginning to research medical professionals’ experience in assessing and managing various critical clinical scenarios regarding maternal stroke and neurological complications of pregnancy. We are contacting you because we believe you may be a clinical provider involved in the care of patients throughout their pregnancy or post-partum period, who may be interested in participating in a voluntary and anonymous survey regarding this topic.

Through this survey, we will consider the development of a maternal stroke bundle for the inpatient and/or emergency/triage setting with the purpose of ensuring that pregnant and post-partum women with neurological symptoms receive appropriate evaluation and care. If you fill out this anonymous & voluntary survey, you are consenting or agreeing to take part in this research. We will take all steps legally possible to keep this information confidential. Upon completion, you will have access to the correct responses for all surveyquestions. We expect participation to take 10-15 minutes of your time.

Completion of this survey is your agreement to participate in the study. You may decide to stop taking part at any time. Again, if you decide not to take part, it will not affect your rights or benefits. You will not incur in any cost(s) to take part in this survey and you will not receive any pay/compensation for doing so.

If you have any questions about this survey or the study, please contact Dr. Eliza Miller at 347- 714-4703 or the study team at 917-938-5817. If you have additional questions about your rights as a research subject, contact the Institutional Review Board for Human Subject Research for Columbia University Medical Center at (212) 305-5883. Thank you.

You may open the survey in your web browser by clicking the link below:

From the Columbia EPIC team: Documentation Workflow
A reminder to all residents that when completing your primary provider note in Epic, you must click the box requiring a co-signature
Once the note has been assigned to the attending, sign your note (unless specifically asked not to by the attending. This workflow ensures that notes can be signed in a timely manner by attending. 
If you have questions, please feel free to reach out to the chiefs!
From Dr. Lynn Jiang: Weill Cornell-Bugando Medical Center Morning Report
Hello everyone,
In order to strengthen our global health curriculum while travel is suspended, we are implementing a recurring monthly collaborative morning report with our Tanzanian colleagues at Bugando Medical Center. 
This will occur at the morning report on the Cornell campus the FIRST THURSDAY of every month (ie next date October 1st). If you are assigned to this date, someone will reach out to you a few weeks before to help connect you with the Bugando team. They will be responsible for choosing a case and sending you the case information. Your responsibility will be guiding the presentation and discussion of this case, including possible differences in management depending on differing ER resources and setting. When available, the Bugando team will join the morning report real-time as well. 
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Lynn Jiang at

MCB Message of the Month

Conference This Week

September 9, 2020 - GI




NYPEM Leadership
Dr. Ariella Nadler


Dr. Francis Bauldrick-Hernandez

WCMC Liver Transplant Attending

Dr. Antonio Dajer

WCMC Emergency Medicine Attending

Dr. Taylor Walsh

NYPEM Resident


Tintinalli’s Emergency Medicine 9th Ed – Chapters 75, 76, 131 (WCM Library for residents)


Conference Feedback and Evaluation Form

*Cornell Faculty Attendance

*Please note the new attendance system for faculty. The attached linked form allows you to mark your hours present for attendance purposes. We will no longer be manually collecting attendance and will rely on self-reporting for faculty only. Thank you for your compliance with this new system.


Meeting ID: 958 6966 0280

Passcode: 079064

Drs. Mike DeFilippo & David Chu

From Dr. Di Coneybeare: Dr. Michael DeFilippo has not only provided fantastic patient care by incorporating ultrasound into his clinical practice, he goes one step further by appropriately documenting his findings in Qpath! He includes the clinical context of the scan, his interpretation, AND even his discussion with subspecialty providers on his imaging in an extremely timely fashion. So impressive! Way to go!

From Dr. Jonathan Kamler: I'd like to recognize
Dr. David Chu for consistently being proactive and working hard on shifts this week - he's helped with multiple notifications and done procedures quickly and well, without prompting. Great teammate!

Upcoming Residency Events

  • Weekly “Meet the Residents” Zoom Webinars Wednesdays at 8pm EDT (for next two months; next one up is 9/9/20 8PM EDT) – please join!
  • September 9 – PGY3 Retreat!!

To Dos





  • Time to start dominating the board.  
  • If you have money to save after NYC costs and student loan repayment, consider putting it into NYP’s 403(b) or an IRA.  The “Roth” option is likely better when you’re a resident.  


  • Ask questions constantly! Everyone is here to help!

Chief on Call

Chris Reisig
Chris Reisig, M.D. 
EM Chiefs’ Cell:  917-410-1056
  • Please call and do not text/ email so we can address issues promptly.
  • If you do not hear back within 10 minutes, then call any of the other chiefs.