Weekly Update – January 16th, 2023

ITE Review Sessions

We have 12 Wednesday Evening Sessions (8:30-10:30PM) lined up from this Wednesday 11/30/22 to 2/15/23.  Most sessions will cover two topics.  The content will be delivered by faculty members. 

We encourage you to participate if you are available.  Faculty are encouraged to attend if they are available.  The sessions will be delivered on Zoom eliminating the need to travel anywhere.  Please attend as, from past experience, the more the merrier!

Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 942 1372 7415

Passcode: 290100

Interview Social Sign Ups

Please sign up to with socialize applicants both during the interview day and the night before! Applicants love meeting you all 🙂 !

Sign-Up Links: 

Resident Interview Sign-Up

Resident Interview Social Sign-Up

Global Health Opportunity

I am currently working on a global health project involving teaching first-aid / initial stabilization emergency care as well as visual triage skills to a “lay person” audience. The planned deliverables would be (1) a physical printed manual on these topics and (2) creation of a training program including skills sessions as well as simulations. 
Ideally, this would require a 4 month commitment — this could easily become someone’s scholarly project if they would like! 
If you’re interested in getting involved in a small portion of this but not a full 4 months, depending on interest we could discuss this further as well
Notably: If you are a senior resident with an elective around this coming June / July, there is likely an opportunity for a 10d international trip in order to deliver the training in-person. We will do our very best to ensure that costs are covered for your travel expenses. 
If you are interested in participating, please contact:


Discharge Workflow

As volumes increase and our bay’s get busier, quick reminder to ensure that you close the loop with the attending prior to placing a discharge order.

PGY4s, please ensure the attending has seen the patient prior to having juniors place discharge orders.


Campus Announcements

WMS Hypothermia Chart 2019


 Conference 1/18 


 8:00 AM

Disorders of the Foot and Ankle (Tyler Wise, PGY2)

 8:30 AM

Applicant Meet and Greet (Residents only)

 9:15 AM

Shoulder, hand, and wrist injuries (Dr. Renu Mital)

 9:45 AM


10:00 AM

Gun Violence: This is Our Lane (Dr. Cedric Dark)

11:00 AM

Digit Injuries (Dr. Justine Ko)

11:30 AM

Grand Rounds: Artificial Intelligence in Ultrasound (David Chu, PGY4)



ALiEM Air Pro Series: AIR Enviro 1

Tintinalli’s Emergency Medicine 9th Ed – Chapters 267, 268, 283, Ortho  Link for NYP residents @WCM Library



Conference Evaluation and Attendance

Join Zoom Meetinghttps://nyph.zoom.us/j/94479209913?pwd=aVpiQ2Q1YTBXVkdkVHg1bWE5bmR5QT09




 To Joe for finding a submassive PE on a pt with MSK back pain in urgent care!




Chief On Call

Billy Haussner MD

EM Chiefs’ Cell:  917-410-1056

Please call and do not text/ email so we can address issues promptly.
If you do not hear back within 10 minutes, then call any of the other chiefs.


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