Weekly Update – June 26, 2022


1. FOR PROVIDERS: ED Course is coming to Epic by June 20th!

  • Many of you have been asking for this ever since we switched to Epic, and now it’s finally here! For the past 2 years, we’ve been waiting for an Epic upgrade that would enable us to use ED Course at NYP. The moment has finally arrived!

  • ED Course allows any provider to quickly document ED updates from the ED trackboard, Workup tab, or Storyboard without needing to open a full note.

  • ED Course updates will automatically flow into the ED Provider Note, even after the note is signed. This ensures that no information is ever lost.

  • By June 20th, we will switch to a “one-note” system by using ED Course for updates. The initial MDM, subsequent updates, and handoffs will all appear in the ED Provider Note. In general, you should stop using ED Progress Notes to document updates and handoff and use ED Course instead.

  • For more details, see the attached ED Course presentation and tipsheet (sent to your email).

Fundraiser to Uvalde Memorial Hospital

Hi everyone,

I hope you’re all having a good week. The newbie attending crew has been fundraising to send food to Uvalde Memorial Hospital that received 13 GSW patients in the wake of the recent shooting at the local elementary school. We have a pretty good start and are hoping to raise $3200-$3400 to be able to provide a nice meal for the roughly 200 staff from a local favorite down there. If you’re interested in participating, you can Venmo @liza-hartofilis or we can figure out another way if Venmo doesn’t work for you, and we’ll keep you all posted when we reach our goal.

Thanks so much,

Campus Announcements

Medical Student Mentorship Opportunity 

See message below from Spencer Dunleavy (Equity/Justice Fellow at Columbia)

 I wanted to reach out to you to see if you could help recruit EM residents to potentially mentor students. 

The goal is to create a database of resident mentors of all backgrounds across all residency programs at NYP-Columbia to help guide medical students from traditionally less supported backgrounds (with respect to race/ethnicity, socioeconomic upbringing, gender, and sexuality) toward the specialties they wish to pursue. As someone who came from a background where no one in my family had gone to university, I know it has been very challenging to find people with similar experiences to help me on my path through medical school. Our hope is that we can create a sustainable system for students of varying backgrounds to help find role models and mentors. 

Would you be able to help us recruit residents in your program? A sign up form for residents can be accessed here. I would be happy to discuss further with you if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions. 


Stroke Reminders at Columbia 

  1. There has been some confusion regarding activation stroke for TIA (stroke like symptoms that resolved) within 6 hours of onset. These patients need an activation since we still need to report our time metrics for TIAs< 6 hours to New York State. Furthermore, sometimes there are subtle findings on their neuro exam or have stuttering symptoms which would make them a stroke patient rather than TIA. Activate Stroke Code for these patients and neurology is aware of this as it is part of our hospital stroke policy
  2. Activate Stroke Code for patients who presents with symptoms concerning for SAH or ICH within 6 hours. This is also per our stroke policy and we are required to report out those metrics. It will expedite getting the head ct on time and utilize the appropriate resources to take care of these patients.
  3. Use ED Adult Stroke Order set for patients that a code stroke is activated for. This order set have key elements that trigger multiple departments to expedite results for stroke patients as all these results are time sensitive. In addition, the [Head CT Acute Stroke Team Activation] order triggers the radiologist to be on standby to read this CT scan and expects someone in the CT scanner to communicate the results to. In addition, the CT scanner is usually placed on standby till the patient arrives. As one can imagine, if it is used for a 6/24 that does not meet criteria for LVO, it can lead to delays in other patients’ care when it is not warranted and may hold up valuable resources such as CT scan room as well as radiologist. 

Area A Closed this Week 

PGY3s and PGY4s will both work in area C. PGY1/PGY2’s will be split amongst Area C and Area D. There may be changes to your assignment day by day, please be flexible!

Full schedule below: 



  1. Overview
  • A Bay: Closed
  • B Bay:  OB Notifications + usual patients 
    • Dedicated Swing Attending 
    • Additional daytime off-service Junior Resident
  • C Bay​​​:  Trauma Notifications + usual patients.  Resuscitations will skew toward C.
    • Second Attending 8am-1130pm
    • “Double EM Seniors” (EM3, EM4) 24 hr/day
  • D Bay:  Open 24/7 Urgent care patients (procedures!) + stable, non-cardiac “main bay patients” 
    • Dedicated Swing Attending
    • Additional EM 1/2 during day
    • 2 Junior Residents overnight
  • Peds/Psych ED:  Open and Unaffected
  1. Trauma & OB Activations* 
  • Trauma Activations will be run in C11, with backup rooms in C12/C13 for multiple traumas
  • OB Activations will be run in B3 and/or B4, our current “OB Fast Track” rooms, which are hardwired for fetal monitoring
  • *All equipment from A1 and A2 will be moved to appropriate locations for Trauma & OB Activations
  • *Leadership from clinical and hospital support services have been notified
  • *Simulations were performed this week to prepare operationally — thanks to Neel Naik, Amos Shemesh, and Kevin Ching!
  1. Admin & Clinical Attendings Reassignments:
  • Reference Elisa’s changes on Shift Admin for BAY reassignments — *SHIFT TIMES HAVE NOT BEEN CHANGED​*  [Snapshot below]
  • ED AOC and/or Clinical Services leadership will be in touch directly during your AA shift re: any real-time changes
  • Swing Attendings should check in with AA’s to determine which Bay to work in

4 North Transportation 

Transport to 4-North (Cardiac Stepdown) at Cornell is supposed to be supplied by Cardiology.  Our providers should not be transporting admissions to 4N.  Their department has agreed to this and it is documented in Nexus (in the event that you get push-back).

Cornell Ops Updates

Adult ED Scheduling UpdateThere are several changes to the shift map and times starting in July:

  • WC will again have 2 swing attendings Mon-Fri starting July 5th
  • The WC Wednesdayswing #1 shift time is now 10a-8pm
  • The WC Mon-Fri swing #2 shift time is now 2pm-12am
  • Swing 1 will sign out to Swing 2; and Swing 2 will night out to the overnight team. This will help decompress the evening shifts.

Paxlovid ED Rx Order now LIVE!: nirmatrelvir-ritonovir (PAXLOVID) pack EUA – ED Discharge Dispense

Interdisciplinary Rounds (IDR’s) @ 10am, 4pm, 10pm

  • Will start to include D Bay patients under evaluation for 4 hours or longer.  
  • Adult Main Bays will continue to maintain the threshold of 8-hour or longer.  
  • This is an opportunity to evaluate barriers to disposition, which are being tracked by Patient Services. 

Area A Refresh is planned for Mon, June 27:  

  • Similar to Area B Refresh, it will last for one week and require a complete closure of the area, in this case diverting Trauma and Obstetrics Activations to alternate bays.  
  • Staffing & workflow details to come.

Major ED Events: Please escalate all of the following major events to the AA in real time:

  • Shootings, stabbings presenting to ED
  • All physical violence to staff in ED
  • ED patients who attempt or achieve deliberate self harm while in the ED(e.g.: cut wrists; try to hang themselves while in ED)
  • ED patients with accidental harm event in the ED(fall with head injury, anaphylaxis to med with known allergy)
  • Delayed diagnoses in the ED that may have translated to patient harm (e.g.: a aortic dissection that crashes while waiting for CT)
  • Patients who expire in the ED(except patients who arrive in the ED peri-arrest)

Transfer of patients from ED to 4N / CCU: 

  • Transfer of patients from the ED to 4 North / CCU is the primary responsibility of the accepting service. A provider from the admitting service will accompany the patient upstairs within 1 hour of bed assignment. 
  • The decision for transport without a provider is at the discretion of admitting team. 
  • 4N team members may cover for the CCU team.
  • This process has been reviewed and approved by ED and Cardiology leadership as of June 2022.

Avoid Unnecessary ExposuresEmpirically use isolation precautions:

  • Contact precautions are for your C.diff, MRSA, VRE, spread by direct or indirect contact, remember to wash your hands with soap. ​
  • Droplet isolation is for relatively larger particles and how respiratory viruses are typically spread via talking, coughing and sneezing. ​
  • Airborneisolation is for your TB rule outs, and Varicella Zoster virus. Needs an N95.  
  • Monkeypox needs all 3!
  • Any suspected disseminated zoster infection or immunocompromised patient with localized zoster should empirically be cared for in NEGATIVE PRESSURE
  • Remember to Inform nursing once identified

Neuro QPS & Risk Documentation: Remember to document appropriate near exam for all patients with the following complaints.

  • Dizziness – including cerebella
  • Headache
  • Lower back pain
  • Chest pain with dissection concerns

Food Insecurity Resources Available:

  • Screening Questions for Food insecurity (either positive)
    • Within the past 12 months, you worried that your food would run out before you got money to buy more. 
    • Within the past 12 months, the food you bought just didn’t last and you didn’t have money to get more
  • How to Refer: Epic: Refer using the referral order “AMB REFERRAL TO FOOD INSECURITY”Dx Association – food insecurity

Medical Education Research Opportunity 

I will be working on an education-based scoping review over the next few months and would love to have a resident be part of the team.  The workload would consist in screening/reading manuscripts, qualitative data abstraction, and work on preparing the manuscript.  I know, it’s almost too exciting.  
The workload would be primarily over the next six months.  If you have an interest in Med Ed (or qualitative research in general), shoot me an email and we can discuss logistics more.  There will be no hard feelings if we talk and you decide I’m insane and want nothing to do with this.  
Again, would love to have a resident participate, so keep me posted if interested!  Chris (Chr2019@med.cornell.edu, 857-919-0784)




Shout out to Rana for getting married!!

Chief On Call
Mary-Kate Gorlick, M.D.  

EM Chiefs’ Cell:  917-410-1056

Please call and do not text/ email so we can address issues promptly.
If you do not hear back within 10 minutes, then call any of the other chiefs

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