Weekly Update – May 22, 2022

Procedure Logs / Asynchronous  Learning

Please update your procedures logs and complete AliEM modules for upcoming CCC meeting! 

Moonlighting at Columbia / Allen for seniors

We have some open night shifts available for moonlighting. Please remember that standard duty hours apply and residency leadership can discuss time adjustments if you are able to pick up part to help out. If you are interested and eligible, please reply all.


  • Mon 5/23 CUIMC Mint 8pm-8am
  • Tue 5/24 Allen 8pm-8am
  • Wed 5/25 CUIMC Mint 8pm-8am
  • Wed 5/25 Allen 6pm-2am
  • Thur 5/26 Allen 6pm-2am


Morning Report


Please remember to email your morning report topic to faculty before your presentation!

Campus Announcements

From Drs. Laurie Malia & David Kessler Wanted:  Participants for Intussusception POCUS Study This is an Intussusception POCUS Study evaluating whether an online learning platform can lead to improvement in identifying intussusception on ultrasound.

Compensation: $25 USD/$30 CAD for participation

Study Flyer

Click this link to register.

Sedation Documentation 

All patients who undergo procedural sedation require a brief pre-sedation evaluation, including an airway assessment, before sedation begins.

To support this workflow, we created a new Pre-SedationAssessment Note to complement the existing ED Procedure Note for procedural sedation.

I. Complete the Pre-SedationAssessment Note Before SedationBegins 

  1. Open the patient’s chart and click on the My Note tab. 
  2. Select the Pre-Sedation Assessment Note. 
  3. Complete the Pre-Sedation Assessment Note template that appears on the right side. This includes information that should be obtained prior to the sedation procedure, including informed consent, an airway assessment, and a focused history and exam including ASA Score and Mallanpati Score. 
  4. Sign the note before sedation begins. 


II. Complete the Procedure Note After the Sedation Procedure 

  1. Open the patient’s chart and click on the My Note tab. 
  2. Select the Procedure Note. 
  3. Select the Procedural Sedation template.  
  4. Complete the Procedural Sedation template that appears on the left side. This includes information about what happened during sedation, including findings and complications. 
  5. Sign the note once you are done. Remember to complete a separate Procedure Note for the procedure itself (central line, joint reduction, etc). 




Conference 5/25

 First, we will have another session of our Mind the Gap series (social determinants of health in the emergency department) on Interpersonal Violence by Dr. Tomas Diaz. This will be followed by a core content lecture given by our PGY2 Dr. Erin Falk on Cervical Spine Trauma.  Then, our PGY3 Dr. Nolan Johnson will present a Case Follow Up.  Dr. Peter Wyer and our TRECS (Thoughtful Reading of Research into Clinical Settings) group will lead session on procalcitonin use and practice patterns.  Please read the supplementary pdfs attached. Finally, we will review GME professionalism cases with Dr. Manish Garg.




8:00 AM

Mind the Gap: Interpersonal Violence

Dr. Tomas Diaz

8:45 AM

Cervical Spine Trauma

Erin Falk, PGY-2

9:15 AM

Case Follow Up

Nolan Johnson, PGY-3

9:45 AM


Dr. Peter Wyer

11:15 AM

GME Professionalism

Dr. Manish Garg


Shout to Erin for delivering a baby at Cornell! (Pictured below with her fur-baby)

Chief On Call
Bill Haussner, M.D.  

EM Chiefs’ Cell:  917-410-1056

Please call and do not text/ email so we can address issues promptly.
If you do not hear back within 10 minutes, then call any of the other chiefs

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