Weekly Update – October 3, 2022

 Telehealth Survey 

Please complete the below survey (whether you are in the Telehealth APT or not!). Residency and Telehealth Leadership are looking for feedback on future educational opportunities. 




Campus Announcements




Urine and TVUS

Please do you best to ensure urine is collected for patients prior to a TVUS. It can be difficult for radiologists to interpret a sono without knowing pregnancy status.

4N and Telemetry 

  • Patients remain under ED care until physically transferred
  • Need for Tele Monitoring for transport is an ED Decision
  • Transport of patients:
    • If a patient is determined to require tele monitoring for transport, a provider is inherently needed for transport
    • It is the primary responsibility of the accepting service to transport
    • Admitting team accompanies patient within 1h of bed assignment
    • 4N team members may cover for the CCU team

Cornell Innovation Conference 

 In case you are unfamiliar, Future of Care at Weill Cornell hosts a free conference each year where we invite speakers and leaders in the medical and biotech industry to come lead workshops, network, and give talks to medical students, residents, and other young innovators in the greater NY area in an effort to further cultivate an environment of innovation and biotech in NYC. 
The event has been a huge success in the past before COVID, and this year, we are bringing it back in-person at Cornell Tech (Saturday, October 29th, at the Verizon Executive Education Center at Cornell Tech on Roosevelt Island).


Research Survey

I’m Jacqueline, MS4 doing research with Dr. Kaushal Shah. We are working on a project assessing the need/desire for further training in reading head CTs among EM residents, and we are asking you to fill out this super quick yes/no survey. It will just take a minute of your time, we would really appreciate it if you could help us out!

If you’ve filled out this survey before, thank you for participating and please disregard!

*While we cannot offer any compensation for this study, we hope that information learned from the study will benefit you and other trainees.

Heart Transplant Workflow

  • New WC Heart Transplant Program set to go live this fall

  • Advanced Heart Failure/Transplant team wants to know about all heart transplant patients that present to the ED regardless of their complaint or when/where their transplant occurred

  • Place “Inpatient Consult to Cardiology (Advanced HF/Pulm HTN)” order when these patients present to the ED

    • If patient in shock use consult order “Inpatient Consult to Cardiology (ECMO)” instead

  • A member of advanced HF team or CCU fellow (overnight) will evaluate patient in the ED

  • Admit these patients to 4N (under Advanced Heart Failure PA team) or CCU depending on their necessary level of care

Conference 10/5

Welcome to our first week of the infectious disease module. Our next conference will be virtual and please see below for the Zoom link and information.  We will begin with Advanced Practice Track meetings led by our bi-campus faculty mentors.  Then, we will discuss pediatric sepsis with PEM fellow Dr. Christie Chen.  Vivian Kum PharmD will discuss Rabies and Tetanus.  Then, Chief Resident Dr. Mary-Kate Gorlick will deliver her PGY-4 Grand Rounds on quality improvement and event reporting.  Finally, Dr. Cameron Callipari will review a Columbia M&M case presentation. 



APT Meetings


Pediatric Sepsis (Christie Chen)




Rabies and Tetanus (Vivian Kum)


PGY4 Grand Rounds: Quality Improvement & the Importance of Event Reporting (Mary-Kate Gorlick)


Columbia M&M (Cameron Callipari, PGY-3)


ALiEM Air Pro Series: Infectious Disease

Tintinalli’s Emergency Medicine 9th Ed – Chapters 116-117; Infectious Disease  Link for NYP residents @WCM Library


Conference Evaluation and Attendance

Cornell 2022-2023

Columbia 2022-2023

Join Zoom Meetinghttps://nyph.zoom.us/j/98714754753?pwd=Mnh1cDB2bWZTZjd5MnVYTSt2MVhPZz09

Shout out to Maria for being the senior in C bay yesterday and masterfully managing a ton of sick patients! 


Chief On Call

Billy Haussner, M.D.  

EM Chiefs’ Cell:  917-410-1056

Please call and do not text/ email so we can address issues promptly.
If you do not hear back within 10 minutes, then call any of the other chiefs.

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